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Are you ready for the App revolution?

The future of internet access is mobile. More and more people are now using their mobile phones to find what they want from the internet. Within the space of a few months the word 'App' has become a common term for a mobile application. This revolution is being lead by Apple, with the likes of Android and Windows following closely behind. Make sure your company is part of this revolution.

Apps are a huge and powerful way to connect to your target market. Do not restrict how existing or new customers interact with your company and your brand. Consumers now have choice with regards to how they wish to receive your information. If they want to access you via their smartphone or tablet - let them. Not having an App cuts you off from what is becoming the dominant force in customer interaction. Smartphones & Tablets are now outselling personal computers. Do not get left behind – here are some of the key benefits an App can bring:

  • Allow your customers to access your services/products on their mobile

  • Get GPS directions whilst on the move

  • Book appointments

  • An app puts your company directly into the palm of your customers hand

  • Reach you customers 24/7

  • Communicate to your customers instantly through push notifications

  • Gain market share, and new customers globally

  • Repeat business is made easy for the consumer

  • Revenue growth

  • Be at the forefront of innovation

  • Increase customer loyalty

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project:

"The mobile phone will become the primary means of accessing the Internet worldwide by the year 2020."

Technical Expertise

AppCreatives mobile App developers are UK based, and have delivered highly technical mobile solutions for many of our clients. Whether you require integrating your backend systems, introducing mobile e-commerce, or developing a GPS navigation app we have the experience in house to deliver your requirements.

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Don't get left behind: why every company needs a smartphone app

Russell Berry, Director of AppCreatives - Don't get left behind: why every company needs a smartphone app

Russell Berry, Sales Director of AppCreatives, saw a gap in the market for a smartphone application development business - and filled it. Russell sees the smartphone app as an essential for companies that rely on their website for business. Comparing the app revolution to "a rebirth of the internet", Russell explains that our human habits have changed with technology. Without an app for your company, users cannot fully access what your company has to offer on the move: if you don't jump in, a competitor will.

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:: Must watch video ::

Do you still need convincing that a mobile App is what your business needs? If so, make sure you watch this video.

Learn from history - 10 years ago, millions of companies across the world said "we don't need a website!" How wrong were they.

"Long term, mobile could become the primary point of internet access for the majority [of people in the UK] ... we are catching up with our audiences."
Erik Huggers, BBC's director of future media and technology (source 19/02/10)

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