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5-step development process

AppCreatives specialises in the design and development of innovative apps across various business and industry sectors. Our development process is based on a 5 step process. 

Our 5-step process

We understand that an idea needs to be protected and its value kept intact. This is why we offer all potential clients the opportunity to enter into an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before a single word is spoken.

5 step app development process

1. Idea

We will assign you with one of our project managers who will listen to your needs or ideas and, where required, come up with our own suggestions of how to solve your business requirements.

Your project manager will let you know if your ideas are feasible and help you understand if there are any constraints or if there are systems we may need to interact with.

2. Manage & plan

We’ll talk with you so we can identify the key goals and requirements of your application. These will be further developed into a "implementable" idea, while keeping to your guidelines.

It's your project manager's job to ensure that that any brand identity and values are retained throughout the design process. They will do this by drawing up a detailed specification sheet. The specification sheet will fully detail the services and features that your Application will include.  Once you are happy with the specification then it's ready to be handed over to our developers.

3. Develop

Once your idea and design has been finalised your project manager will then hand it over to one of our developers. It is the developers job to turn your idea into a working prototype using proven and established software development techniques for the mobile platforms of your choice. If needed our developer will work with your IT teams to build the services that interact with your core information systems.

4 Test

Once our developer has created a "prototype"of your application he will then test it to make sure it performs exactly how you want it to. Once he is happy with first phase testing we will then get you to install the prototype version onto your own smartphone. You can then test it yourself to ensure we have turned your inital idea into a working application that meets your requirements. Once you are happy with the prototype then our Senior Developer will carry out some more fundamental tests to ensure it complies with the guidelines set by the mobile manufacturer. This will ensure that your application will have a 99% chance of being approved by that mobile manufacurer.

5. Launch

Once your application has been tested by our Senior Developer we will then submit your application to the relevant mobile manufacturer. Once it has been approved it will be live and ready for general download.


Support & Maintenance - Not only do we pride ourselves in developing professional applications (Apps) that meet with our client’s requirements, we also offer a comprehensive maintenance package that ensures that your app is able to continually evolve with minimal financial outlay.

Analysis - Just like a website, you need to constantly measure how your application is performing. Knowing how your application is doing will help you develop strategies to further enhance its success. We have a set of useful tools that will help you measure your application's performance over time.


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