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Make your publication digital the easy way

Turn your publication into an iPad app. InstaMag, brought to you by AppCreatives, turns your publication PDF files into an iPad app (Newsstand). Let new and existing customers download your publication on to their iPad. Never before has it been easier to be involved in this ever growing digital arena.

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Main Benefits:
Earn revenue per sale
Sell back copies
Increase advertising revenue
Engage users with interactive elements
Sell subscription packages
Appeal to new customers
Sponsorship opportunities
Retain existing advertisers
Retain 100% of your publications sale price

Our product allows publishers to turn magazines or newspapers into a digital publication and feature in Apple’s Newsstand. All we require is a copy of the publications PDF file. For an affordable fee per issue AppCreatives will then create your iPad app and submit it to Apple's App Store (Newsstand) for you. To maximise the advertisers appeal and engage users we are also offering interactive features, such as embedded YouTube videos, Facebook/Twitter links, request brochure forms, etc. within the publication.

Apple App Store - Newsstand Getting your publication in Apple's Newsstand has never been easier or more cost effective. Let us make your publication come alive with interactive elements. All you need to do is provide your PDF - that's it.
Google Play App Store COMING SOON !!!

As a publisher you should definately be thinking about moving to Apple's Newsstand. Learn more about the benefits of InstaMag by clicking the 'Find out more' button today.

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Require a bespoke App - If you are looking to create an App that's more tailored to your specific requirements get a free quote today.