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Protecting your app

As an app development company we are often asked by potential clients how they can protect their app from other individuals or companies copying their idea. So, I thought Id just spend a little time giving some general advice to help people understand what the limitations are.

Firstly, this is not some sort of legal advice, Im not a solicitor and dont represent a law firm. I just work with developers and clients on a day-to-day basis...more

By: Kim Lomas on 29/04/15

Smartwatches finally make sense

Initially, I was pretty sceptical about the smartwatch. Most of the guys in the office have one so Ive had a play around with them on many occasions. To be honest theyve never really appealed to me, why do I need another device buzzing, blinking and beeping at me all day long? However, the Apple Smartwatch is different in that it actually values my time. Bear with me while I try to explain.

Ok, Ive been wearing the 42mm stainless stee...more

By: Rod Joseph on 12/04/15

The costs of developing an app

When youre looking to develop an app you need to think seriously about costs. Even if you know exactly what you need your app to do it is very difficult for you to know how much it will cost to develop. Depending on the type of app costs can vary from thousands, hundreds of thousands to even millions of pounds. So, how can you be prepared for costs? Also, is it a good idea to find an app you like and see how much it would cost to emulate that...more

By: Rod Joseph on 10/04/15

Will you buy a smartwatch?

The battle to be the number one smartwatch is heating up. There are already the likes of Pebble and Samsung Gear whose sales are very encouraging. However, Apple and Windows are yet to release their versions.

One of the first companies to offer a smartwatch was more

By: Russell Berry on 08/05/14

The main benefits of native apps over web apps

One of the first questions we get asked is what are the major benefits of a native app over a web app? Native apps have the edge for many reasons - below are the main ones.

What is a native app?

A native mobile app is built specifically for a particular device and its operating system. Unlike a web app that is accessed over the internet, a native app is downloaded from a web store and installed on the device.


By: Russell Berry on 29/01/14

Huge growth in retail apps predicted for 2014

Retailers who have enabled smartphone & tablet apps for their customer base have reaped the rewards if the latest Black Friday figures are anything to go by. According to Bloomberg business week Mobile traffic accounted for a whopping 32 % of site visits, a massive 45 % increase on last year.Year on year growth is expected to be strong as more retailers and businesses turn to smartphone/tablet solutions. So what will trend for 2014 in the worl...more

By: Russell Berry on 09/12/13

Which platform for app development iOS or Android?

At AppCreatives our clients often ask which platform should they develop their app onto first. The answer used to always be iOS first, then Android. However nowadays the answer requires a little more thought. Here are AppCreatives top 3 considerations in choosing the right platform for your app launch.

1. What country are you targeting?
During a recent app launch where we targeted both the British and German markets, we fo...more

By: Russell Berry on 17/10/13

Top 12 new & useful features on iOS7

There are lots of great new features on iOS7 that we like here at AppCreatives read our guide to the most useful features!

1. Camera in burst mode
This function allows you take multiple photos in a click of a button. Simply hold down either the onscreen shutter button or the volume-up button as long as you'd like to take a burst of photos.

2. Block Contacts
This new feature allows you to block unwanted call...more

By: Russell Berry on 20/09/13

How to create an app

At Appcreatives we get asked on a daily basis how to go about creating a mobile app. There are certainly some key factors that go into creating your app. We suggest the following.

Focus in on your idea Get your idea down on paper. Think about the concept of the app, and the logic of the flow. Do some research are there similar apps and what price do they charge if any? Do they have in app purchases to gain extra features? If ...more

By: Russell Berry on 24/07/13

Top 5 tips for creating a successful app

When it comes to app development many of our clients have only considered the costs to build the app, and the money they could make from downloads. To ensure a successful app Russell Berry, Director at shares these 5 top crucial tips.

1. Get the specification right Write down your app idea, and visualise how it will work from screen to screen. Draw diagrams on what each screen will do. This will help ensure the deve...more

By: Russell Berry on 28/06/13

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