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Increasing app downloads with little or no marketing budget

In this article I want to talk about how to market your app with next to no marketing budget. The first thing youíll need to be clear about, regardless of whether or not you have a marketing budget, is that itís absolutely vital that you still undertake marketing activities. Even if you have little or no marketing experience at all there are still some really simple things you can do to increase the awareness and drive downloads of your app.more

By: Russell Berry on 16/02/16

The importance of having an app for your business

I was amazed at a stat I discovered the other day. There are roughly 7.1 billion people living on the earth, 4.2 billion of which own a toothbrush. However, this was not the stat I was amazed at, I went on to discover that 5.1 earthlings own a smartphone. Whatís amazing here is that there are almost a billion people out there that own a smartphone but not a toothbrush Ė staggering!

We know that smartphone and other mobile devices are cha...more

By: Kim Lomas on 04/01/2016

The iPad Pro is not just a really large iPad

So, the iPad Pro, isnít it just a really really large iPad? Well, Iíve just discovered itís not really that simple. Weíve taken a closer look at Appleís new offering and the first few things we wondered were, is it a laptop? Is it a sketchbook? Is it a mini TV? Or is it even an extremely expensive lunch tray? Ok, itís pretty easy to make fun of the iPad Proís large screen but itís that 12.9inch screen that makes it one of the most versatile ga...more

By: Rod Joseph on 13/11/15

Is bigger better iPhone 6S Plus vs Google Nexus 6P

The latest iPhone and Android plus-size smart phones (phablet) were revealed within 3 weeks of each other, leaving some consumers wondering which one to choose?

Brand Loyalty definitely still plays a part in the consumer decision. With Apple you could argue that consumers buy into the prestige factor, and secure systems. With Android price and accessibility does play a part. Some consumers are less loyal, and just want a phone that sui...more

By: Russell Berry on 04/10/15

App Development tips

Constraints are the name of the game, not only are you constrained to a small space on a small screen that fits inside your pocket, but when you are developing your mobile app, give yourself constraints. So, what does that mean? Build yourself an MVP, not a most valuable player (excuse the Americanism) although we hope that it will become the most valuable player in the app store. What I actually mean is build a Minimal Viable Product.

By: Rod Joseph on 16/09/15

Getting a mobile app for your small business

Do you know how big mobile is? Mobile is big, mobile is really big. In fact mobile internet market user share is around 40% of all internet traffic. Current reports show in coming years mobile users will surpass desktop users by 2 to 1. In fact mobile is so important right now that Google has enforced penalties to sites that arenít mobile friendly. Can your business afford that kind of loss? The good news though is that you can now play on the...more

By: Russell Berry on 08/06/15

Protecting your app

As an app development company we are often asked by potential clients how they can protect their app from other individuals or companies copying their idea. So, I thought Iíd just spend a little time giving some general advice to help people understand what the limitations are.

Firstly, this is not some sort of legal advice, Iím not a solicitor and donít represent a law firm. I just work with developers and clients on a day-to-day basis...more

By: Kim Lomas on 29/04/15

Smartwatches finally make sense

Initially, I was pretty sceptical about the smartwatch. Most of the guys in the office have one so Iíve had a play around with them on many occasions. To be honest theyíve never really appealed to me, why do I need another device buzzing, blinking and beeping at me all day long? However, the Apple Smartwatch is different in that it actually values my time. Bear with me while I try to explain.

Ok, Iíve been wearing the 42mm stainless stee...more

By: Rod Joseph on 12/04/15

The costs of developing an app

When youíre looking to develop an app you need to think seriously about costs. Even if you know exactly what you need your app to do it is very difficult for you to know how much it will cost to develop. Depending on the type of app costs can vary from thousands, hundreds of thousands to even millions of pounds. So, how can you be prepared for costs? Also, is it a good idea to find an app you like and see how much it would cost to emulate that...more

By: Rod Joseph on 10/04/15

Will you buy a smartwatch?

The battle to be the number one smartwatch is heating up. There are already the likes of Pebble and Samsung Gear whose sales are very encouraging. However, Apple and Windows are yet to release their versions.

One of the first companies to offer a smartwatch was more

By: Russell Berry on 08/05/14

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