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The world of Apps is reletively new and fast changing. Before you decide whether or not an App is right for you, you may have some questions running around your head that need answering. We have therefore collated some frequently answered questions which might help.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How much will you charge to develop my App?  

The cost to develop your App very much depends on the App itself. We need to take into account the amount of information it will hold, the features it will use and most importantly the amount of time and resources it will take to create it.

We always suggest that potential clients complete a no obligation "Free quote" form. This way you can get a detailed quote and a rough idea of what your App is going to cost right from the outset.

Q. What's the difference between a mobile website and an App?

The main difference between a mobile website and an App is that the mobile website is simply a slimmed down version of a website which is accessed through a web browser. However, a mobile App is a piece of software which actually sits on the phone itself and runs independently from the phone's web browser. An App will utilise features of the phone where the mobile website can't.

Apps are undoubtedly the next wave in the evolution mobile technology. Possessing features and functions that are unique to mobile devices, such as mobility, personality, and flexibility. Apps are able to provide end-users’ added values, including anytime, anywhere access, ability to pinpoint users’ locations, and flexibility in arranging tasks.

To simplfy, a mobile website can't tell you where you're standing right now but an App on the other hand can not only do this but also show you directions to your nearest Starbucks!

Q. How long will it take you to develop my App?

As a rule of thumb we always say that we would have your App live within the period of four weeks. This will depend on your ability to supply any information we may require for the development of your App in a suitable period of time.

Q. What is involved in the development process?

We have a four step development process. Ideology, Design, Develop, Implement & Support.

We can talk you through each step and manage the whole We can talk you through each step and manage the whole process for you. You can get involved with the design as much as you like, or let us simply design something for you from scratch based on your requirements.

We understand that your idea needs to be protected and its value kept intact. So even before we talk to you about your requirements, we are happy to provide an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) so you can feel assured from the very outset.

Once you are happy to proceed with us one of our project managers will work with you to get a full understanding of the key goals and requirements that you want from your App. It is their job to turn your ideas into reality.

Your idea is then refined and prototyped so it can be forwarded to our developers. Together with our creative designers they will ensure that your brand identity and values are retained throughout the design process, and that all your requirements are met to the highest level.

Unlike other App compamnies, we will continue to send you draft copies of your App so you can constantly see how it is coming along. You will be able to install the beta version on your own phone so you can test it yourself. We will eventaully come to a point where both parties are happy witht he final draft it is here that our senior developer will look over your App to ensure there are no minor bugs and sign it off technically. We will then start the process of uploading your App.

Even though your App will be live and available for general download, our involvement doesn't stop there. Once your App is uploaded we will constantly be in the background should you need us for anything. This include minor update, major changes and promotion.

Q. How do you upload my App to the Apple Store?

We will handle this for you. We will apply to Apple to get your application approved. If in the unlikely event there are any reasons why your App is rejected then we will rectify these issues until your App is successfully uploaded to the Store.

Q. Can I make money from my App?

If you charge for your product or service on your website then you can certainly replicate this in your Application. There are also other ways you can generate revenue such as In-App purchasing and banner advertising that we can advise you on.

Q. Is it possible to have banners in my App?

Yes, there are several ways you can incorporate banners into your website. We can create a simple iframe element in your App which pulls in a banner from your server or you can even use a 3rd party provider such as Admob. You can then use these companies to server banners for you in order to generate additional revenue and statistics.

Q. Will my App work on all smartphones?

Unfortunately not. Each manufacturer has their own specialised coding which is unique to that particular phone. This means that an App created for an iPhone will not be compatible with a Android device and vice-versa. However, we can develop your App for all platforms.

Q. Can I view visitor stats for my App?

Yes. Apple will provide you with very basic information about how many people have downloaded your App. However there are 3rd party statistics packages such as Flurry which will provide you with much more information. All that is required is for you to create an account with them and then supply us with the tracking code to place into your App.

Q. Do you offer a maintenance plan?

Yes. For peice of mind we offer all our clients the ability to sign up to our maintenance plan. For a small fee each month we will remain in the background should anything go wrong or you need any assistance, help or advice.

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