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Selling your app to a big company

We get asked a lot of times about how you can go about selling your app to a company or third party. Well, hereís some general advice that can help you do it.

Firstly, there are so many apps out there, in fact 4.5 million to be a little more precise! Therefore your app, no matter what it does, has to be really really good to make a mark. Actually, itís got to be more than good, it has to at least be bordering on amazing! Most apps out there either arenít that good or are just ok. If this is where your app sits then youíre not going to have a lot of success with it and you really need to work to make it better. So this is really your first barrier, your app has to stand out from the crowd in order for it to get noticed.

Something else you have to look at is how many people are talking about you or your app. If you start with, letís say 50 people, who have downloaded your app then although this is a small amount at least itís a start. What you need do to is work out how many of those people are actually using your app. So, what youíre asking your self is exactly how many of those users load up your app and use it every day. You also need to know how many of them are actually telling their friends about it. Personally, I know that when I like something Iím going to tell my friends and family about it. I may even make a video about it because itís really helping to make an impact on my life. So, you need to know how many of those 50 people are using your app and telling their friends about it. If itís not a lot then I wouldnít recommend going to a big company just yet because you may not be ready. If people are not using your app every single day and telling your friends about it and youíre not seeing your growth coming from your existing database of users (eg via word of mouth) then you simply need to make your app better. This may be a hard truth for a lot of entrepreneurs because theyíre more than likely have already put in so much work and time into their app - but it has to happen if they want it to be successful. If youíre app isnít working then ask your users. Ask them ďwhyĒ they arenít talking about it or spreading the good word. Youíve got a database of users so use it! Work with your existing users to make your app something really amazing and then youíll be ready to keep going. Eventually you will start to see your user base start to consistently grow.

Once you get to the point where your app is constantly and consistently growing the next question youíll need to answer is how to get to the big companies. The first thing you should do is go through any connections. What I mean by this is that you need to try and find people who can help you kick up a media storm about you and your app. You need people reviewing your app, you want the media talking about your app and you want your users spreading great stories for you. Also try and reach out to people who have a targeted audience or a corporate market. For example, if you were trying to sell something to other entrepreneurs then try and reach out to people who have trodden a similar path to you. Itís highly likely that theyíll have received hundreds of similar review requests from other app developers. However, if your app is excellent enough to be noticed and your approach is done in the right way then you can have high success. Going back to what I said earlier in this piece, your app has to really make a difference is peopleís lives and if other entrepreneurs can see this in your app then they are going to talk about it to other entrepreneurs and their connections. First impressions count so if your app isnít great then itís going to be so much harder to go back to someone and say hey weíve made some changes are you willing to look at it again. Get it right first time!

Getting your connections certainly isnít easy but itís not impossible either. You have to know that connections, whether they be other entrepreneurs, bloggers or app reviewers, are constantly looking for content, new products or the next ďbig thingĒ. Most of these people are pretty accessible as itís how theyíve built their following in the first place. They want to hear from you but they only want to hear about something thatís truly useful and has a high quality element to it. If they use your app then theyíll be going to conferences and talk about your app, make videos about your app and tweet about how great it is. It will soon take off and then all you need is one corporate person to take note, use it and then love it!

Once you get somebody in that corporate environment using your app then theyíll naturally support it, they will be your ďchampionĒ. They will say how great it is and effectively sell it to the rest of the company. If you manage to find out that thereís someone out there in the corporate environment and theyíre using your app then you have to try and reach out to them. Be their support and help them with whatever they need to help them champion your app forward. You can be a resource to them by letting them know you want to help and encourage them.

So, in conclusion to the question of how to sell your app to a big company I would say that firstly, your app has to be great. If itís not great and your users arenít referring it to other people every day then donít think about promoting it, instead focus on making it better. Secondly, start reaching out to influencers, social media people, bloggers and people in the mainstream media who have your target audience as a readership and can introduce your app to them. Finally, if you find out that you have one person in a company using your app then support them and help them to be your champion and promote your app to others in that company. Naturally, the company will then collectively champion your app and once you get to this stage then itís highly likely that theyíll look to buy your app or at the very least invest in it Ė happy days!

If you donít think your app is not quite at the stage or youíre not sure what stage your app is at then feel free to have a quick chat with the team at today Ė we look forward to hearing from you!

By: Rod Joseph on 26/09/2016

Rod Joseph