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Mobile App Development Tips

Constraints, constraints, constraints, thatís the name of the game. Not only are you constrained to a small space on a small screen that fits inside your pocket, but when you are developing your mobile app, give yourself some constraints.

What does that mean? Build an MVP quickly, not a most valuable player although we do want it to become a most valuable player in the app store. Build a minimally viable product. Why minimally viable? Because it will help you to constrain and focus on the most important components of the application and it will help you solve the problem in the most efficient way.

So you want to focus only on functions and features that support the MVP to start. You might add features later but focus on those primary features that help you solve those real problems youíve set out to solve.

And thirdly as with every mobile app developer, we love to keep adding features, we love to keep layering, we love to give people new ways to use our application. Why - because we are so in love with our application. Big mistake - why? Because people want to use your application because itís fun, because it solves a problem, because it makes them feel good. But if you give them too many things to do you will overwhelm them and they will lose focus and they will use your application once maybe twice.

Focus only on the primary functions, test your thesis Ė is this function or this feature primary? If itís not, get rid of it. You might actually add it later on but when you are first launching your application from your MVP, you are going to test until you actually are ready from a bata test into the main launch of the product, make sure you are focused on primary functions.

By: Russell Berry on 19/01/2017

Russell Berry