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Bringing your mobile app to life

Ever wondered what it takes to bring a mobile app to life? In this article we’ll explain the process our customers go through when they hire us to build their mobile app and take it to market. 

The first step is that flash of insight - the idea. Once a client has an idea we recommend they compile details by answering some of the following questions:

• What platforms should this be on – iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone?
• Will it be static or will it have new content added on a regular basis?
• What features will it use – the camera, GPS, accelerometer or other hardware?
• Will it link to Twitter, Facebook and other social media assets?
• Does it require 3D animations or connections to a backend database?

One of the most important questions to ask is what is the budget? As you would expect the more complex the app the more it will cost to build, but apps with higher functionality also offer the opportunity for higher returns. 
Apps can be built anywhere between £5000 and £500,000 so it’s important to have realistic goals when heading into app development. When a new client comes to us we introduce them to their own account manager. The first step after initial contact is to exchange a non-disclosure agreement which protects the client’s idea. We understand how important intellectual property is. A formal estimate is then put together and presented to the client. You can then either accept the cost or make adjustments to the functionality in order to benefit the budget you had in mind. Upon reaching an agreement everything gets filled out in a detailed statement of work. The cost for each portion of development is laid out so you can see where resources are being allocated. The actual programming is assigned to expert coders in the client’s choice of operating systems. Our project managers and account managers keep in touch with the clients and give them updates at certain milestones such as initial builds. When the app is complete the project managers work with the client to submit the app to the appropriate app stores and once it is live, if the client would like our help marketing the app then we step in there too. 

By: Kim Lomas on 29/04/2019

Kim Lomas