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The importance of having an app for your business

I was amazed at a stat I discovered the other day. There are roughly 7.1 billion people living on the earth, 4.2 billion of which own a toothbrush. However, this was not the stat I was amazed at, I went on to discover that 5.1 earthlings own a smartphone. Whatís amazing here is that there are almost a billion people out there that own a smartphone but not a toothbrush Ė staggering!

We know that smartphone and other mobile devices are challenging personal computers with billions smartphones in use. Today mobile is certainly the new face of customer engagement. No matter what your business does, if itís available online and you have a smartphone app that users can download to their devices then your business will continue to thrive. Figures show that the majority of mobile users today use apps more often than they access the internet. In fact, mobile apps now account for over 42% of all internet traffic. This means that if youíre only using a traditional website as your marketing tool then itís likely that youíre missing out on a large portion of your potential customers!

There are so many benefits to having a mobile app. For example, one of the key benefits is that you can use features such as push notifications. So, when a customer downloads your app youíre able to send messages directly to your customerís mobile device so that they automatically see your offers or promotions.

Providing your customers with a mobile app will allow them to have all of your information at any time and even if they are offline. This often results in improves sales, better service and greater overall customer experience. Basically a mobile application can do everything your mobile website can do and lots more. Most importantly, it can help you retain existing customers while helping to attract new ones.

To help meet the ever growing needs AppCreatives offer a custom mobile app development service for any kind of business Ė no matter what the platform. From the moment you engage with our team we will guide you through the mobile app development process right from the initial concept design to the release of your app on the app stores.

We also offer a complete support and maintenance solution to ensure that your app remains up to date with any new manufacturer product updates. Not only will your mobile app be a great marketing tool that helps you get people returning to your business but it will allow you to engage with your customers in a whole new and exciting way.

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By: Kim Lomas on 04/01/2016

Kim Lomas