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The iPad Pro is not just a really large iPad

So, the iPad Pro, isn’t it just a really really large iPad? Well, I’ve just discovered it’s not really that simple. We’ve taken a closer look at Apple’s new offering and the first few things we wondered were, is it a laptop? Is it a sketchbook? Is it a mini TV? Or is it even an extremely expensive lunch tray? Ok, it’s pretty easy to make fun of the iPad Pro’s large screen but it’s that 12.9inch screen that makes it one of the most versatile gadgets ever made and one capable of real productivity.

So, what’s the best thing about the wide screen? Well it becomes quite obvious as soon as you switch it on. The iPad Pro now allows me to put my emails on the right and the Safari browser on the left which is cool. However, it would’ve been great if I could actually put two of the same apps side by side. For example, I could have two Safari browsers open next to each other – maybe that will come in a future software update.

If you’re anything like me then you’ll be used to having a multitude of apps open at the same time. However, with the standard iPad it’s sometimes slow and cumbersome to navigate through them and find the ones you really need. This certainly isn’t a problem with the iPad Pro. Managing your apps on the Pro isn’t a problem at all especially with the Pro’s incredibly fast A9x processor. I was even able to export a 4k movie in iMovie a whole minute faster than on one of the Mac Book Airs we have in the office.

For so called “real work” I suggest you accompany your purchase with the smart keyboard which is powered by a smart new connector. You’ll love typing on the bouncy fabric keys and hitting and tab button is a huge timesaver when you need to toggle between apps. Apparently the keyboard is “spill proof” and although we daren’t test this out just yet we know it will come in handy! Although the experience of typing with the smart keyboard is a positive one I still wish it was closer to Microsoft Surface’s (there I said it) type cover feature. Another disadvantage over the Surface is that the screen only props up to one angle, attaching it is sometimes confusing and has a tendency to roll off your lap.

Apple has managed to beat Microsoft (there I said it again) at its own stylus game. Apple actually prefer the word pencil to describe their input device. The name fits perfectly as it provides the best digital sketching and writing experience any of us in the office have had on a tablet device. It was great for brainstorming and taking notes at meetings. It even managed to keep up with my fast and small handwriting!

When you’re finally away from the office and ready to chill, like all the iPads before it, the iPad Pro is great for looking at photos and videos. The high resolution screen (2732 x 2048) makes it fantastic for video streaming however a kick-stand would have come in handy.

The pro has a real edge on battery life too as a member of the team was able to stream eight hours of Netflix without having to charge once! As a comparison the same colleague was only able to stream five hours on the Surface Pro. The pro is good at iPad things too, however we wouldn’t recommend taking selfies with it!

By: Rod Joseph on 13/11/15

Rod Joseph