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Is bigger better iPhone 6S Plus vs Google Nexus 6P

The latest iPhone and Android plus-size smart phones (phablet) were revealed within 3 weeks of each other, leaving some consumers wondering which one to choose?

Brand Loyalty definitely still plays a part in the consumer decision. With Apple you could argue that consumers buy into the prestige factor, and secure systems. With Android price and accessibility does play a part. Some consumers are less loyal, and just want a phone that suits their needs.

The phablets do appear to stack up favourably against each other. IPhone 6S Plus is heavier due to Series 7000 aluminium which is 70% more durable that standard aluminium. Google’s Nexus has gone for a matte plastic design. Some of the iPhone extra weight is due to 3D Touch, which may just give Apple the edge. 3D touch enables lots of fast interactions on your phablet, and introduces lots of new functionalities. One example is a shortcut to activate the selfie cam.

Here are the basics to help you decide:

In our view whilst iPhone feels like the premium choice, and 3D touch is great for fast interactions, the Nexus definitely competes in practically every area. Ultimately we recommend having a play with each phablet, you may just prefer the look, feel, and navigation of either the iPhone or Android interfaces.

By: Russell Berry on 04/10/15

Russell Berry