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Increasing app downloads with little or no marketing budget

In this article I want to talk about how to market your app with next to no marketing budget. The first thing youíll need to be clear about, regardless of whether or not you have a marketing budget, is that itís absolutely vital that you still undertake marketing activities. Even if you have little or no marketing experience at all there are still some really simple things you can do to increase the awareness and drive downloads of your app.

Nail down your basics
In this case the ďbasicsĒ are things like your appís name, description, screenshots and icon. All of these things need to be well thought out and presented in a visually appealing way. If you want suggestions on things like how to write your app description or creating screenshots then you should consider contacting one of our team where they will be able to tell you how to execute these things really effectively.

Build your own network
The second thing you can do is build you own network and by this I donít mean connecting a multitude of computers or anything technical like that! Most app owners donít have the financial resources to go out and effectively buy their way to the top of the download charts. However, what they can do is build networks by using tools such as ChartBoost to do free cross-app promotions with other apps. By using such tools and simply talking to other app developers or owners that you may know can provide a really simple and free way to get downloads for your app.

Social media
Iím pretty confident you know what social media is but I canít stress enough how important it is as a tool to help promote your app. Every app developer or owner needs to seriously think about how they can push their in-app users to their social media platforms. This can be done in various ways such as content rewards and strategic placement within your app. In addition to this you really need to find creative ways to engage your consumers outside of your actual application. Once youíve done that and built a community then you can use that community to drive downloads of your app by way of sharing with friends and creating challenges etc. It sounds like a really big undertaking but in reality itís really not if you think about it prior to your app launch.

PR (Public Relations)
The fourth thing you can do is PR. I understand that to a lot of people when they hear PR they instantly think that theyíll need to hire an agency which is really expensive. However, thatís not entirely true. The true challenge of PR is that it takes time and effort which is why you should start your PR campaigns well in advance of your actual application launch. Youíll need to try and reach out to influential journalists and bloggers and tell them about what you are doing and ask them to give you feedback. Try and talk to friends that might write blogs themselves and compose a feature about your app. You could also consider reaching out to lesser known app blogs both in the UK and internationally. Itís clear that the really big blogging websites will be inundated with hundreds, if not thousands, of requests for app reviews every week so they may not be able to get to yours. Therefore, we would strongly recommend using PR even if it involves reaching out to smaller websites. Any links, reviews or general awareness you can get of your app is going to be extremely beneficial to you.

In conclusion, there are a multitude of things you can do to help market your app which costs next to nothing to do. All that it will cost you is your time but if youíre serious about the success of your app then it will be time well spent. All we would highlight is the importance of getting your marketing plan well thought out and to start executing it before your app is launched. If you need help or advice with your marketing then please feel free to contact our team today.

By: Russell Berry on 16/02/16

Russell Berry