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Getting a mobile app for your small business

Do you know how big mobile is? Mobile is big, mobile is really big. In fact mobile internet market user share is around 40% of all internet traffic. Current reports show in coming years mobile users will surpass desktop users by 2 to 1. In fact mobile is so important right now that Google has enforced penalties to sites that arenít mobile friendly. Can your business afford that kind of loss? The good news though is that you can now play on the same level as the big boys. Making an app with AppCreatives is possible for any sized business, and best of all making it easy and affordable. And up until now, mobile app development was only made available to businesses with large budgets, but just like desktop computer users we made that a thing of the past. With AppCreatives you can be in every one of your customers back pockets. No more hoping that your message gets seen in a timeline or emailing your customers with emails that go in the spam folder, AppCreatives enables you to spread your message or service direct to your user no matter where they are. Just some of the mobile abilities of an app include:

Now how great is that? And if that wasnít powerful enough to bring your business up into the 21st Century then this one function will top them all; the ability to send direct messages right to the top of your userís mobile device, also known as push notifications. This special ability alone enables your business to communicate an event, a limited time sale, or any message that you want them to receive at any time and thatís the right time. No advertising or marketing today is more powerful than that. These are just a handful of reasons why you need to be getting into the hands and pockets of your customers, clients and fans, so contact us now at AppCreatives.

By: Russell Berry on 08/06/15

Russell Berry