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WaveTrax iPhone/iPad App

Wavetrax iPhone iPad App

Our solution

WaveTrax is the most fully featured sailing and boating logbook app for your iPad and iPhone. WaveTrax automates the often tedious process of keeping logs while you sail. Cheaper than even the most basic paper logbook – which can easily be damaged or lost – WaveTrax adds a whole host of useful features, including free nautical maps, and the ability to add notes, annotations and photos to your logs. No more worrying about making log entries as you sail. Just set WaveTrax going when you cast off and focus all your attention on having fun sailing or boating! Never lose anything again with secure cloud storage. Everything you log with the app while you’re out on the water gets synced to our servers. Without Internet access on the water your new logs, notes and photos are stored in your iPhone or iPad then synced next time you connect to the Internet. With everything stored securely in the cloud, you’ll never lose mementos of your adventures again or be searching round the cabin for that certificate you need to show when you reach port.

Available to download

The Wavetrax iPhone iPad App app is now available to download:

Wavetrax Iphone Ipad App iPhone/iPad app
Wavetrax Iphone Ipad App iPhone/iPad app - App Store