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Syncuz iPhone/Android App

Syncuz iPhone Android App

AppCreatives was approached by Syncuz about creating an Application that allowed users to synchronize with one another when organising any type of event.

Our solution

Just open a Syncuz “event map” and invite your friends/colleagues from your contacts list on your phone. When they accept the invitation their location is shown on the event map. All those involved in the event (and only those involved in the event) can see where everyone is located in real time (everyone is on the map in the form of a map pin) using your phone’s GPS functionality and each “guest” can attach messages to their map pin for anyone in that group to see.

No need to ring round if things change, just leave a message on the map. Syncuz synchronises groups and cuts out the need to keep texting or calling one another for updates. The map shows where and what is happening. Only guests and their messages are visible to each other and privacy is a priority.

Additional info

Those involved are always in control and can pause information about their location and even “turn off” their location altogether. It is time and event defined so it works when you want it to while protecting your privacy. When the event is over the map is extinguished and all data relating to the event is deleted.

Uses include meeting up for drinks, keeping in contact for a group on a trip, meeting up for a sporting event, up in town, for business meetings, for sales forces, in fact anytime you are meeting up anywhere with anyone!

Download the app for free and try it out with three free trial events. If you like it, upgrade to unlimited events for 12 months for only £2.99.

Available to download

The Syncuz iPhone Android App app is now available to download:

Syncuz Iphone Android App iPhone/iPad app
Syncuz Iphone Android App iPhone/iPad app - App Store
Syncuz Iphone Android App Android app - App Store