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Remind Me Now iPhone App

Remind Me Now iPhone App

AppCreatives was approached by Remind Me Now to create an iPhone app that offered a fully interactive pocket personal assistant.

Our solution

The reminder app is like your own pocket personal assistant, in this day and age of longer working hours both your personal and business life can feel the strain as you struggle to remember all the important dates and information that you need to.

What the Reminder Me Now app can do for you is help you to stay ahead of the game. Make sure youíre in her good books by remembering birthdays, anniversaries, never forget Mumís birthday, son's football match a week next Friday, or your daughter's ballet recital in 3 weeks' time. In your working life give your boss a reason to give you a bonus, give yourself a chance to make sure you're right on the ball at work, by always having those important meetings in mind, knowing where your boss and your clients most like to eat, how they like to travel etc., what time the plane lands and so on. The Reminder Me Now app does what it says on the Tin - it reminds you of any event you want to be reminded of and so much more.

Available to download

The Remind Me Now iPhone App app is now available to download:

Remind Me Now Iphone App iPhone/iPad app
Remind Me Now Iphone App iPhone/iPad app - App Store