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Magic Hamster Ball iPhone App

Magic Hamster Ball iPhone App

A cartoonist approached to AppCreatives with an idea for a gaming App involving a Hamster in a mystic ball that could give a "mystic window" in the future. The idea was that the user would ask a question, give the iPhone handset a shake and the "powers of the rodent" would open the gateway to the beyond and answer the question.

Our solution

AppCreatives worked closely along with the cartoonist’s artwork to create what is now the Magic Hamster Ball App. We utilised the accelerometer of the phone together with a unique algorithm to generate random answers when the handset was shaken.

The Application is a great example of how AppCreatives can take an imaginative idea and turn it into reality. Now you can get the answers to all those important questions. Ok, the Hamster might get it wrong sometimes, but if it got it right all the time, what would be the fun in that!

Additional info


"The process of creating an App with AppCreatives was a joy. The artwork I provided was animated to perfection, and I am very proud of how my "Magic Hamster Ball" App looks and works. Any issues were ironed out without fuss or expense. I thoroughly recommend working with AppCreatives" - StiK (Cartoonist.)

Available to download

The Magic Hamster Ball iPhone App app is now available to download:

Magic Hamster Ball Iphone App iPhone/iPad app
Magic Hamster Ball Iphone App iPhone/iPad app - App Store