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Luol Deng iPhone App

Luol Deng iPhone App

AppCreatives was approached by to create the official Luol Deng iPhone app.

Our solution

Think youíve got what it takes to take on Luol? In this app you have the unique opportunity to show Luol your basketball skills by uploading a video of yourself. Luol will then pick his favourite and fly you and a friend to Chicago for a once in a lifetime chance to train with Luol in a one on one with him and his trainer.

Additional info

Luol Deng is a global super star currently playing small forward for the Chicago Bulls and the GB national team. This app allows the user an up close and personnel look into the life of this modern day legend thatís never been seen up until now.

Available to download

The Luol Deng iPhone App app is now available to download:

Luol Deng Iphone App iPhone/iPad app
Luol Deng Iphone App iPhone/iPad app - App Store