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DesperateSeller iPhone App

Desperateseller iPhone App is one of the UKs top car classifieds with over 150,000 new and used cars listed on the site every day. They wanted to be the first UK car classifieds app and naturally we were more than obliged to help them achieve this. The brief was to replicate the core service of their website allowing iPhone users the ability to search their database of new and used cars.

Our solution

AppCreatives immediately identified the core service provided by the DesperateSeller website. By utilising xml feeds we were able to pull in adverts in real time. Users are able to find a car using a set of search criteria. Users can enter their postcodes to find the proximity of cars they are interested in. They can then contact the seller immediately with the click of a button. We are now proud to say that the DesperateSeller app was the first ever UK car classifieds app!

Additional info

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"We set out to become the first UK car classifieds app and the AppCreatives team helped us achieve that goal. Not only were we the first but we were able to offer users an alternative method of searching for new and used cars! Thank you AppCreatives!" - Rod Joseph (Director, Desperate Seller).

Available to download

The Desperateseller iPhone App app is now available to download:

Desperateseller Iphone App iPhone/iPad app
Desperateseller Iphone App iPhone/iPad app - App Store