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Our history

AppCreatives is an independent limited company led by co-owners Russell Berry & Rod Joseph. With their passion for all things mobile they founded AppCreatives in 2009. Together they lead a team of app developers, project managers, PR & creative teams. The entire AppCreatives team is British based and operate out of both London and Birmingham offices.

Meet the team

We strive to continually provide our clients with mobile app solutions that will assist them in realising the full potential of their product, service and strategy.

Rod Joseph - Co Director

What we do

Our team love apps and provide our clients with an end-to-end mobile app development service. Our UK based developers use the latest mobile technology to build our clients their own bespoke app with cutting edge design & interface. Our London based team spec out the entire app build in conjunction with our clients, and we apply our own creativity, expertise and innovation.

Our expertise

We specialise in developing apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, & Windows platforms.

We also specialise in developing apps for the iPad as it uses a similar development technology to the iPhone. What's great is that the iPad allows us to provide a highly realistic user experience to users.

Newsstand apps
Have you considered publishing your magazine onto Apple's Newsstand? AppCreatives can publish your content directly onto Newsstand via our unique Instamag product. For more information about this, click here.

Who we work with

We work with advertising agencies, blue chip companies, public sector organisations, and individual entrepreneurs, for which we deliver outstanding and innovative apps! We are happy to discuss your app development requirements, please get in touch for a no obligation free quote.

You have our guarantee that all discussions are strictly confidential and we are happy to provide a non disclosure document for peace of mind.

Got some questions?

If you have any questions or queries regarding, developing an app or you simply want to know the meaning of life then why not check out our FAQs? Click here to go there now.

Alternatively, feel free to contact our team directly.


Why every company needs a smartphone app

Russell Berry, Sales Director of AppCreatives, saw a gap in the market for a smartphone application development business - and filled it. Russell sees the smartphone app as an essential for companies that rely on their website for business. Comparing the app revolution to "a rebirth of the internet", Russell explains that our human habits have changed with technology. Without an app for your company, users cannot fully access what your company has to offer on the move: if you don't jump in, a competitor will.

Russell Berry, Co-founder

Russell Berry

Time waits for no one... Keep up or lose out...

Rod Joseph, Co-founder

Rod Joseph

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail...

Kim Lomas

Perfection is created in the detail...


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